Sport Fishing In Costa Rica

Yes indeed – Costa Rica is home to a variety of sport fishing charters, fishing spots and bay areas that are virtually infested with fish of all kinds besides affording a cost-effective to luxury vacation plan, whatever be your budget and mood! Thus, exploring the avenues for fishing holidays and sport fishing excursions in Costa Rica is a great way to ensure you get to pursue your love for the sport and also unwind in the balmy climes of sunny Costa Rica! That’s surely double the fun of fishing now, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Okay, we know you may want to know some vital stats about the place first, right – before you get packing those summer clothes and tackle box essentials! So, here goes:

To begin with the best fishing spots in Costa Rica is undoubtedly the Osa Peninsula there, which is home to many varied and fun aspects afforded by the very nature of sport fishing. An assortment of vacation ideas involving water sports and fishing holidays, sport fishing excursions and opportunities for beach-front activities that are safe, exciting or somewhere in between are offered here.

You can choose to take to budget or luxury sport fishing that may or may not include inshore, offshore fishing or oceanfront tours and even cruises, but it does pay to educate yourself through a little bit of prior research so that booking that vacation to Costa Rica doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! This is because lately sport fishing here has become quite popular and so the demand for guides, charters and accommodation has considerably increased in proportion to the demand of the tourists, which is why you may want to book in advance and avail best rates or even off-season rates for board, lodging and guide packages for sport fishing vacations.

Apart from the first-named sport fishing spot in Costa Rica, there is as much fun afforded by the Playa Nicuesa, Corcovado National Park and Puerto Jimenez areas. While the first is an eco-friendly lodging ground set amid lush green rainforest areas and boasts luxury surroundings that make it an ideal habitation for the rich and famous, the second sport fishing area is great exploring Pacific Ocean fishing in real life as it is a self-sustaining eco-lodge with all-year round fishing options abounding here. It also boasts cozy accommodation that is elegant and classy besides hot tubs to rejuvenate your senses and other amenities for pampering your needs – all amidst natural surroundings. The last vacation spot recommend in Costa Rica is Puerto Jimenez, a town-area in the Osa Peninsula region, which is known for being a real tourist attraction as well as being popular with the locals.

The nearby Gulfo Dolce with over a thousand feet of deep water fishing options is another great fishing spot to explore and so are the surrounding rainforest areas and mountainous terrain. Do remember to look up the option to use the trendy inshore fishing boat, namely, the Pez Iguana, which comfortably seats 3 and is fitted with various heavy duty fishing supplies to provide you with the ultimate shallow water fishing experience, especially for casting snappers, mackerels and the roosterfish besides being ideal for fly and bait fishing.